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Welcome To Humanity Records

Transmission Art Gallery / Workshop
Copenhagen, Denmark
Opens Feb 3 2012, 7 p.m. at Bolsjefabrikken (Haroldsgade)
Art by Pete Missing / Cyril Mazard N.Y.C.
Music - Desa 480 dk Rap From Another Universe



Your House Is Mine lab opened September 2011. Peter Missing, writing, silk screen image from Missing Foundation album cover and title YOUR HOUSE IS MINE


Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum
Project Title: LES Exposed
Day and Time: May 7 & 8, 12:00pm-12:00am
Address: 161 Essex St, btwn E Houston & Stanton Sts
Topic: Storytelling & Local History, Art & Design
Format: Exhibition, Lecture/Discussion, Screening
An exhibition of long-time artists: Lincoln Anderson, Anne Apparu, Nico Dios, Cheryl Dunn, Charles Gatewood, Kevin Harris, Troy Harris, Steven Hirsch, Curt Hoppe, LA II, Leslie Lowe, Pete Missing, Angel Orensanz, Jerry Pagane, Clayton Patterson, Elsa Rensaa, Q. Sakamaki, Shell Sheddy, Suzannah B. Troy.
Screenings: Captured, directed by Ben Solomon, Dan Levin, edited Jenner Furst & Dirty Old Town, directed Jenner Furst and Dan Levin.

SPECIAL EVENT: Book launch "TRESPASS: A HISTORY OF UNCOMMISSIONED URBAN ART" with PETER MISSING 29.09.2010 19-21 h LIVE MUSIC : RAM51 / M7H / ROBERT LIVE KORA - CONTO GALLERY Oranienburgerstr. 56 Hinterhof, Berlin - MItte 101.

Watch a video introduction for the book below:

SPECIAL EVENT: Peter Missing at TRASH-ART DE LUXE #2010 28.08.2010 18 h - 2 h Berliner Str. 17, 13189 Berlin U2/S2 Bahnhof Pankow und ShuttleBus.

Record Release Concert April 10 / 2010 at Tacheles Theater, Samstag at 9PM, Peter Missing LIVE + Taiko Progressive Drumming from "TAIKOON" , Oranienburgerstr. 54-56, Berlin - MItte 101

We are very excited to present to you the next chapter of Peter Missing's sound exploration, as he comes out of exile. From then, till now '1993-2010 Electronic Collection'. Missing Seven Hazard, Missing Foundation and much more. Check out Discography for more titles and availability at the Onlineshop.

Peter Missing " Electronic Collection 1993-2010" 5 CD's + DVD Box Set

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The full documentary of peter missing's best recordings from 1993-2010. The turning point from missing foundation to digital recordings changed when elliot sharp handed pete a digitek sampler. Pete's new project Missing Seven Hazard has three new releases: Naturevolt remix 2010 / Rocket the U.Z. 2008 / Coming Zoon "War of the minds" with dvd of Missing Foundation LIVE @ Gaswork, hamburg, 1995. The main core of the band is two electronic music engineers: Surreal Hazard and Peter Missing. Live bass and drums from hazard, combined with the vocal scratching and sampling from Pete Missing, creates its own rhythms. For example, "I am not free" the entire track is Pete's vocals. Their main goal with M7H is to bring focus to a planet in peril with a real intelligence to the electronic wave. Techno is not only dance music and vocals are still valid and "the masses start thinking again!" the electronic collection is all what Pete Missing recorded after Missing Foundation. A collection all dj's and vj's should order. it's a package you will want to have in your hand. The featured artists are: Florian Langmaack / Taiko; progressive drumming, M.Habicht recording, Tobi Binar; electroniks and Surreal Hazard; drumnbass engineeer and musician. We will start off with the classic "rotation"


Pete and Florian approached the machines with a nondance, more experimental angle. The album is full of interesting ideas for the future and the sound is still trapped in time. "Don't step on the baby tree", was Pete getting use to the machine. The tracks all have their place somewhere in space. "I am you" is a powerfull message to the world - all different all equal. "Rotation" is well thought out piece, crossing world music, experimental music, industrial and electronic with a slice of soul. The album could induce hypnosis.


Pete's most personal recording was a short trip to Switzerland in a remote village called embrach. accidently meeting m.habicht who had a 6400 ultra sound sampler in his house. The recording lasted two weeks. a sensitive piece of ambiance, with all live samples. They could not get the birds out of the recording so they became part of it. This album was intentionally to yang the missing foundation days, a turning towards the positive. This illbient/ambiant music can be used to calm all stress except the tracks that hit like a hammer. For example, repetitive closing doors on top of Pete playing an electric ladder. All drum tracks where played by Pete Missing with tree branches. All words and vocals sampled with a keyboard. If i knew I was going to get lost on an island, I would take this cd with me. Please play it at the airport.


Pete meets Binar electroniks in Berlin 0101010101. This recording was in Friedrichshain at Tobi's recording studio in his house in 1998 and was compiled as a bootleg on real time records. With Tobi's computer electronics, oldschool machines and Pete's digital sampler, the album created very deep free style range of sound. It's in a field of its own. The low tech high tech album is fully digital and electro/ambiant, controlled by computer with intensional cracks in the recordings. Many of the vocals are compiled soundscapes for the entire length of the track. For example "Final Landing" and "Insel in Deutschland". Pete also sampled television movies and fed them into the mix. His voice became a constant range of instruments. "Cracked Ocean", the title track is a great chalange to adding vocals to the electronics and gives the listener a more live feeling. Tobi is now in Vienna and Pete is in Berlin making underground shows.

"Low Denominator" this album was Florian, Pete and Tobi meeting in Hamburg in Traincar studios. The entire recording was made with a four track cassette recorder. This was three musicians in a circle of electronics. They rotated the order who would start off the track and one would feed off the other. Pete used live samples he collected with a mini recorder, anything from throwing bricks in water, to grinding metal pipes on motorized metal wheels. Felix Helllenkamp helped with the samples out in the outskirts of Hamburg harbour, Florian also collected live samples. This electro/ambiant album was unfortunatly never heard anywhere and so we are happy to offer the full version of these low denominator recording sessions.


Here is the final missing7hazard debut album "naturevolt remix". A wide range of cross over music from Surreal Hazard with a clever vocal sequencing and sampling from Pete. Chemistry for this new band started in 2001 and over the past ten years has compiled the best selected digital tracks for your listening pleasure. Probably the most powerful configuration of a band, Pete has put togheter since MF. We are also happy to release their newest album "Rocket the US" and "War of the Minds". A collection of early recordings from M7H features hours of electronic looping and mixing. We hope to bring serious, valid and important messages to the world and to the leaders who run it. Please spread the word about Missing7Hazard. We hope to invade your neighbourhood soon! Sit back, enjoy and play loud, play forever.


Last recording 1993... here is a great throwback to the 1990 time. These are the last recordings of Missing Foundation plus Eye Yamasuka on vocals with pete missing. A rare moment in music history was documented here. A cerebral barage of industrial noise... a special feature from Cassandra Mele adds another dimension to the recording. This was performed as the opener for john zorn at the "kitchen" in N.Y.C. The band continued in its experimental artistic vein on this release. It was the sixth album that was never released on restless records, Los Angeles.


DVD Documentary. The video collection is the best of Pete's archive. There are many more Missing Foundation videos and two Drunk Driving albums never released. When you look at the course of progression, you can see why pete continues to inspire the masses. Our main focus here on the dvd is the lead up from the past into the present with Missing7Hazard. The KMFDM Missing Foundation concert gives a view of Peter Missing's early intentions for music. Here is a great throwback to the 80 times. 1984 kir club in Hamburg, Germany, was the first MF gig. Peter was pleased to work with mark chung as engineer. Florian at that time was stepping away for a moment from his band 'cyan revue' to try something different. The band lasted a short time but was Peter's roots and beginnings into the music world. After Europe, Peter started over in new york with new Missing Foundation members and so here is the last recordings with Eye Yamasuka from The Boredoms. "1993" a rare moment in music history was documented here. We are pleased with the final mix of this album "JUST ANOTHER HIT".

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Humanity Records 2010